Have You Thought About Joining The Side Gig Economy?

If you have a skill or passion that’s not being used to its full potential, it may be time to consider using this to supplement your salary with a side gig.

What is a Side Gig?

A side-gig or side-hustle is something you do in addition to your regular job. It’s a way of creating another stream of income, eventually taking this full time (if you wish to).

It’s not a fancy way of labelling a 2nd job, side gigging is totally different. Back in the days people were moonlighting to make ends meet, side gigging is creating something for yourself and growing this into a business with an end goal of more income and more time. It’s taking something like a hobby or interest and finding a way of making an income from it. With e-commerce sites today such as Etsy, eBay, and Fiverr it can be really simple to start up with very little capital (my start up costs were £0!)

How to find your gig?

What are you good at? What do you enjoy? This could be something that you may have never thought of before but it can be something simple. If you are fluent in another language, you can teach it, my partner has a side gig as an interpreter. If you love making or customising your own clothes, sell them online – there could be a market out there for you. It can start from just helping somebody out, such as walking a friend’s dog. There are lots of start up companies right now where you get paid to pet sit or house sit.

There was just an article I read today, a 15 year old pupil has built a £50,000 tuck shop business! It started with him selling sweets and drinks to his fellow pupils from the boy’s toilet in his school, and now has expanded to other schools in his area. You can even start with something linked to what you currently do. If you’re a PA and good with correcting grammar and writing, there are people out there who will pay for your skills. I know someone who makes a good extra income by editing blogs and online posts in English for Chinese writers.

“Look around and you’ll see side-hustlers everywhere turning their knowledge and abilities into profitable businesses.”

Alexis Grant – writer

Do the research

Look into what similar gigs are offering and which platform you then want to start using to get your gig out there. Etsy is good for Arts and Crafts and personalised items. Fiverr and Elance if you’re offering a service. Speak to people, whether that be people you know who are doing it or people online. There are plenty of places to look, a simple Google search will list the information you need. You just need a willingness to do it. When I started out, I wasn’t certain what I wanted to do, just that I wanted to start doing something that I enjoyed and had the potential to go full time. I experimented with a few things and that’s what has got me to where I am now.

It’s not a job

There are no set times like a 9-5, therefore you have to be disciplined. You have to set time aside to work on your side gig if you want to make it successful. However if you enjoy what you’re doing, it should be something you look forward to spending time on. I don’t see my side gig as work, I enjoy the time I spend on it. I see it as a creative outflow of energy.

The side gig is becoming ever more popular and appealing. Millennials in particular are embracing more flexible ways of working. It’s a natural evolution of the workforce in a changing economy, and with the power of social media, you can take your business global. The technology is now available with apps such as Evernote (your faithful organisation tool) makes it so much easier today to do business. Unlike a job, you work at your own pace, there are many others working a similar side gig to myself and are now earning a full time income and more with it. They have chosen to put in the time to get them to where they are, I am working at a pace that fits in with my lifestyle. The beauty is you choose.

Enjoy it!

Some like a balance between their side gig and their day job and enjoy the variety. Others intend to go full time with their gig. The point is choice and flexibility. We no longer live in a time where you work for one company all your life, and in return you are offered job security and a guarantee the company will look after you when you retire. The government have already stated there is not enough in the pension pot for the huge number of baby boomers about to hit retirement age. Would you rather just wait and see what happens, hoping things will be OK or would you rather know you will be OK. Side gigging is the step in the right direction. It helps you become in control of your finances and your time. Have a gig, start hustling!

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Hot Tips for Your Successful E-Commerce Site

It’s a Business, Not a Boomtown

In the aboriginal days, towns acclimated to pop up and go apprehension overnight. Even today, you can go out West and see absolute apparition towns, the charcoal of an bootless settlement, in the average of the desert. The acumen why they existed is gone, be it argent or oil, but their skeletons remain, and the wildcatters who founded them confused on continued ago afterwards the bounded assets broiled up.

Likewise, you accept to adjudge upfront whether you’re a brief wildcatter or a businessman. Businessmen accomplish accomplished judgments and advance in a community, as a e-commerce website owner, you too accept to accomplish a accommodation whether or not you’re traveling to advance in the web, authority on accomplished the simple money, and go for the continued appellation value. Customers assurance businessmen who accept a committed angle appear abiding advance because they apperceive they can calculation on them to be there.

It’s All About “Strategery”

Remember if your old man asked you, “what are you traveling to do with your life?” It was an important catechism and still is. The key to aggregate e-commerce is accepting a plan. You’ve got to accept a plan. An e-commerce website after a astute business plan is like a address after a rudder. You’re traveling to run ashore eventually. You charge to apperceive what you’re traveling to sell. You charge to advance a acceptability for believability with your suppliers. You accept to candidly ask who are your ambition markets and what do they attending like demographically.

As an e-commerce owner, you charge a solid compassionate of what your amount demographic wants, how your artefact or account fits in and how you can accomplish your articles a approved and repeatable business model. You charge to ask these and a hundred added boxy questions afore aperture up a e-shop alone to ascertain that no one’s absorbed in your ‘canihazacheezbrgr’ themed Snuggies.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Social!

Uncle Ernie consistently swore that blush TV was just a fad, and he’d apparently say the aforementioned of amusing networks, but Uncle Ernie is wrong. The amusing web connects humans in new and absorbing ways, and networks like Facebook, Twitter and So.cl are authoritative customer advice and accumulated ability administration a basic allotment of any company’s online strategy.

There are absolute new online bazaar sectors with ardent consumers cat-and-mouse to absorb their harder becoming money on aggregate from Tweeters tweeting about Kim Chi taco aliment trucks in L.A. to alloyed media crafters in Tacoma, who advertise through sites like Etsy or Pinterest to all-around consumers. And they’re authoritative austere bank; no kidding. It’s a absolute bold banker because for already it levels the arena acreage for vendors like yourself. You just accept to apprentice to use it to your advantage.

To Err is Human to Forgive Divine

Lastly, be abiding that you address yourself to blurred the bar as abundant as possible. Complicated websites are like the roach motels of the avant-garde internet era. Too generally e-commerce website owners ataxia up their pages with accidental amounts of navigation, archive items, endless of argument and images in the achievement of adorable buyers by accepting as abounding hooks in the baptize as humanly possible.

This access reeks of agony and just confuses the heck out of consumers, who, as bound as possible, just wish to get their account and pay for it and column pictures of bodies on their Facebook page. Try to use a minimalist access and accomplish it simple to balance from mistakes. You can buy online abundance templates. Clean pages, logically laid out and able-bodied ordered accomplish it simple for your buyers to auspiciously accomplish a purchase.

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Starting Your E-Commerce Site

So you’ve absitively to alpha an e-commerce web site. Congratulations! There has never been a bigger time than now to alpha an e-commerce web site. To the boilerplate business person, starting an e-commerce website is a alarming task. The purpose of this commodity is to point you in the appropriate administration and acquaint you of some of your options.

The aboriginal footfall in creating your e-commerce website is to adjudge how to actualize your site. Since e-commerce has exploded over the endure few years, there are added architecture options. The “easier” advantage is to use an all in one amalgamation from one of the beyond hosting companies. Addition advantage is to use an e-commerce arrangement like osCommerce or X-Cart. Finally, addition advantage is you can accept a web developer architecture a custom website for you. Now let’s yield a attending at these options.

All in One Packages

Are you new to the internet? This could possibly be the best advantage for you. Hosting companies such as GoDaddy, Yahoo, 1and1, and Homestead accept created affairs area you can bureaucracy e-commerce sites yourself application a sitebuilder. Instead of paying a ample amount for your site, you pay a account amount to awning hosting. For about $10 a month, you can accept an e-commerce site.

E-Commerce Systems

Do you accept a little acquaintance with designing web sites? Then you can use an e-commerce arrangement for your site. Systems such as osCommerce and X-Cart are full-functioning e-commerce solutions that accomplish accomplishing business easy. All you accept to do is buy the hosting, install the software, and personalize the system. Although that is easier said than done, it is still a low amount solution.

Custom Design

If you’re searching for a specific blazon of e-commerce arrangement or wish a absolutely altered site, you can appoint a web development aggregation to architecture your site. While this is the added big-ticket option, you get what you pay for. If you accept the appropriate company, you’ll get a advised to adjustment e-commerce arrangement and some seek engine optimization. They can aswell accommodate advice about online business and how to accomplish your website successful.

Starting an e-commerce website is by no agency an simple task, but it is a abundant idea. If done correctly, you can yield your business to barter in altered states, countries, or even continents! The aperture is in foreground of you, all you accept to do is knock. Good luck with your online venture!

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